Thursday, June 23, 2011

curly locks

My hands lingered about the place I keep my trousers and shirts, instead of the usual bottom rack, where I have my boxers in which I go around Hyderabad every Sunday night. I didn't want to turn up looking like a tramp, the whole plan of dinner was yet to be accepted by my system. But then, her curls had got me so very hooked, I didn't want it to be the only dinner we ever went out. I pulled on the jean and a shirt and even tucked it in. To add the final touch to look like a 'gentleman', the time I was getting out, shoes as well. Gone was the rubber sandal, which denied me entry in not just one hotel. I seriously wanted to go out again for dinner, a second time, even before I actually went out for it the first time. Glued I was to the curly colored hair, even though I had seen it only from a distance, about 7 times altogether.

My fascination for the curly locks, go way back in time, about an year an half ago, the first time I saw her walking away from me. She had some friends along and they went laughing about, the curls bouncing in every step she took. She was walking away from me, the wavy curls and the genuine laughter together, would have had made me a harmless stalker, if I  had not been in the midst of a relation. I watched the curls disappear and then it was not just once that I saw her about the place I live, but always from a distance.

Last night, at a friends place I met her, by chance. I had never thought, we would end up crash at a common friends place a Saturday evening, the curls and me. But we did and the time wasn't bad. Though, she didn't have her curls down, but had got it up, I liked her presence close by me. My fascination for the curls made me never take my eyes of and she was actually quite surprised, with the devotion with which I was looking at the curls. Two good bottles of rum and 5 people, what better way to know a girl about whom you were fascinated. We split as acquaintances  and then my devotion to the curls, must have been what made her agree to actually join me for dinner, when I asked her out on Sunday afternoon.


  1. wassup joe tera dil ka traffic phir se rooka kyaa???

  2. Sid - U know me better.. I am an admirer, of all things beautiful and heart never stops, keeps on my adventure meeting more beautiful places, people and things, in life.. the heart taking a pit stop... aahhh naa.. not every fantasy is the same woven in love and which ends in bed.. there definitely exist something like true admiration n keeping ones hands to himself :)


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