Friday, June 24, 2011

Geronimo EKIA

38 minutes

38 minutes, it was all that took 24 men, believed to be consisting of, what is known as the US Navy Seals Team Six from the base, Dam Neck in Virginia, Uncle Sams Land, and presumably under half a dozen men from the Delta Forces, to put an end to Osama Bin-Ladan.

"President Obama made a visit to Dam Neck and he met with the Seals Team Six, but the members of the particular mission were not ever singled out to him." I was watching the Discovery Channel, a documentary on the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, I felt maybe made public, as part of a propaganda by Uncle Sam. "The order was to kill, not to take captive", the National Security Advisor was speaking now. Then the video went on about the a detailed narrative of the events that happened in Pakistan, a starry summer night. What added the color of propaganda to the show, was the repeated mentioning of the data recovered from the fateful house. Hundreds of hard disks, lap tops and memory sticks, it sounded as though Uncle Sam had actually raided a computer shop and not a house hiding a terrorist.

I don't plan to write about the justice involved in the killing of people , a starry summer Night in a hill station of Pakistan. Only one from the dead ever open fire, that too with a small arm and not the usual assault automatics that we have grown so used to when we hear the word 'Al - Qaeda'; which for some will be with a prefix 'in' before the justice; secretive, darkly secretive, but at the end, Geronimo is dead.

The old Apache leader who fought against the US Troops back in the last three decades of 19th century, died a natural death, or rather at-least died falling from a horse and catching pneumonia in the hospital and no fingers were pointed towards Uncle Sam for his death. Uncle Sam and Geronimo had become best friends by then and in fact he even had attended President Roosevelt's inaugural parade. While the one today, Enemy Killed In Action.

What amazed me was the darkness in which it was operated. None except a very few knew, in fact the President, the Chief of Staff and a very few only knew even about the existence. Information compiled over a long period, watched and observed and finally put to their nations use, to kill their enemy or at least the so called enemy. No leaks happened there, there was none trying to make an extra bit of money. All this, from people belonging to a nation, who have been living there for a a little longer than the period, our nation was a Colony of the Imperial Europe. The Incas exited before and the Apaches, but I am talking about the ones running the show, in all forms of Governance.

I always have these parallel thoughts running inside me, while watching TV and with the show getting over, I switched of the lights. I wake up in the morning and read the head lines on the newspaper, with half asleep eyes and the right hand meticulously foaming the toothpaste in my mouth. I laughed out aloud, with the toothpaste spilling all over, reading the news about finding telephonic bugs and other evidence of listening devices having been placed in the Indian Finance Ministers office.

I said it out aloud "Geronimo - EKIA", this time it was not the Apache Leader, nor the Fanatic Terrorist, but the  Me & You. The message should have been shouted by someone to someone else  in our System (by system, I mean the agencies of Governance, agencies which makes revenue, everything  else sharing a same lineage combined) and my ghost merely repeating it.


  1. Joe internal intelligence is conducted all over the world for possible abuse of power by the higher ups .. only in india this will create a hue and cry. The only thin we got to take care of is to make sure that those planted bugs arent by the enemy nations or CIA or somethin..As u know Indian Finance Ministry is not that of the cold war era and big projects domestic and overseas are being pland in there.. so many will love to know hat the hell is happeninng in there.

  2. Bugs or not, Indian governments will never change. Do you know that the present FM got through the elections by bribing the opposing candidate? He had actually lost the election, but the whole thing was covered up with Gandhiji's pictures. Check the Swiss bank accounts and you will find more than what the Central Government treasury has. Of course, the FM is safekeeping the country's money there.

  3. Its funny isnt it? As after thought; planting bugs and spying are done by every other nation in the name of nation's interests.

    I only wonder about what are the conversations that were caught on tape. Anything embarrassing would be one more reason for us to hide our faces; we are having enough of it already

  4. "Operation Geronimo". That was the code word for the operation to eliminate bin Laden. The phrase was a gross offence and blasphemy on the souls of the native Americans and the Indian chief himself. Proclaiming thumping the chest that "Geronimo" is dead , tells much about the American thinking and psyche. As you mentioned the Indian chief was a friend of the US government. In fact he opted for the wiser way out for his men. but see how he was blasphemed by the current administration.

    And what happens in new Delhi is cruel joke on every Indian other than the likes and ilks of Ambanis and the kalmadis and Rajas.

    Good that you chose to write a piece on these.

  5. Sid - aint sure what to make of it?? knows that, at the end, down here the Geronimo is me and you..the ones who loses out..the ordinary, aam aadmi, who never really wanted anything else, other than quality existence..

    mr B - the swiss bank aacounts..i remember them so very clearly, was my first assignment during the summer internship, under a big shot sprawling the corridors of the stuff and debrief him.. the numbers on the pages astonished me..

  6. Insignia - I don't feel the conversations will be afterthoughts making me all the more that the whole "bug" situation itself was "bugged"..

  7. ANil - i am doubtful, whether the whole operation was called Geronimo or mr Ladan was termed that.. Both were suggested.. and the naming of the operation definitely another thing to ponder, but what really caught my interest was the passion (can be called selfish as well, for ones country or making better bases in the Muslim world) with which it was carried out.. forgetting the efficiency or the professional nature that they showed and trying not to compare some scenes wherein we were caught shameless, with our pants down helpless; for all that members of that young nation is doing in the name of national interest, cant the members which makes up the system, at least try not make things shameful for the entire nation, to look some people square in the eye.. because deep down inside, you know, your representative did fail to represent you and you are a bastard, with no father who will protect your interest..


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