Wednesday, June 8, 2011

marijuana for the Limbs !!

It has been couple of weeks since I had a rush of emotions or feelings, which I felt to be noted. There was no stopping to my writing, but the mode and context a little different than the graffiti on this wall. I wrote tax memorandums and advices to clients,  plenty everyday, in fact I guess I wrote more memorandums in these past two weeks than I did the last couple of months.

Muscle juice has brought back normalcy to my life, to a greater extend. I am slowly falling in love with the iron, the time I hold the cold steel, my conscious knows, the tissues beneath my epidermis will reveal in the new activity they are to be doing, the straining of tissues, its breakdown and growing more in strength with each passing day. Biology lessons from class nine, put into practice at a very later stage. But enjoying it nevertheless.

The weightlessness of the mind after a joint of 'cream', which makes its way through the mountain passes from Afghan, is the best I can try describe the feeling my limbs have everyday riding back home from the gym. My tryst with cream was pages from my internship days in Delhi. It was no surprise that some adventurous law students, sprawled close to the landscaped roads around Supreme Court, associated with some big names in the world of litigation, ended up possessing the treasure from Pushkar. The third time I took the smoke in and held it, I felt myself floating in the white smoke. Weightless, swaying with the wind, my mind traveled many a place in the smoke. I am experiencing it all over again, but there is a slight difference, with the cream, the weightlessness started from the chest and slowly spread out. But this time, it is the limbs making me feel weightless, muscles so very strained and finally reaching a point of weightlessness. The mind feeling bliss in the knowledge that the weightless limbs growing in stature with each passing day.


  1. Look out for the thud .
    Law of Physics weightlessness takes you heavenwards and iron weight down with a thud!

    Never mind enjoy the brief experience.

  2. @anil: stupid thing to say...y always associate anything with something bad? There are certain journeys heaven ward that remain tht way.... try hitting a gym, you will know what i am talking about.
    @joe: you have said it man....the high of the muscle juice is a far far more potent that the treasure of pushkar. I recently had a very very vivid chance for comparison, and I think I am addicted to the muscle soreness far more than drifting in the realms of inexplainable

  3. My adventures with narcotics began and ended with 'Grass', Cannabis indica. Ousu, I have enjoyed every drag every time! A bit wary of other stuff!

  4. Oh know , not equating the bliss with evil and bad.
    It is only feel of being wary of these stuff. Because as I mentioned the lighter one feels the heavier the thud. Caution and limits are always better enforced.

  5. mr B - my tryst with what the law calls narcotics is all green n that sense u could call me a naturalist, wanting to experiencing everything organic ;)
    i too am weary of the jab and the poke and the pop and the everything else out in the market..when the trysts been to experience rather than to have fun, everything stays heavenly and never an addiction :)


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