Friday, July 8, 2011

adonis in flesh

The stars hardly shone from the dreamy wet sky, the little light giving her a shade of Adonis. The color of man, of the mud, but shining in sweat, our sweat. She was the bitch, craving to be filed, and me the beast who been on the sniff of her smell. Memories flashing by, of events, places all that has been a part of my life. The faces of people, one thing that keeps away.

From childhood, the time memory goes back, through the stages of innocence, through laughter, smiles, adrenalin, anguishes, cries, victories, defeats and everything else that has ever happened. to  the first catholic sin with feminine forms. But then nothing remains, only events, a feeling as if all these to reach here, to copulate a union on terrace with this feminine form. I was the beast and she the bitch, it was a call of nature and nothing could ever stop it unfolding.

The first touch was electric, there was an urge to tear of the layers of clothing that covered humans, made him truly a wolf trying to hide in a sheepskin. Fabric, had nothing to do here. There was the whole world waiting down, wearing the masks in clothes. There was only the bronze colored feminine before me. She wanted me, just as much as I wanted her, the urge and the craving equal and tales of beastly passion followed.

The cries were answered, trails of marks on each other. Traces of the skin and the red cells that makes up life, smeared on each other. There was a moment when everything stopped and weightlessly both of us floated and we were lying down as man and woman, unashmed of what we had done, because both of us knew, we were brought here not by destiny, but by choice. Not by compulsion but by a freedom to choose, and time was nothing, but just what we made it. We were the beast and bitch or as the old Eliot reader in me shouts, together we are ADONIS IN FLESH.


  1. You are getting poetic and starkly too.Quite well written.
    "... the first catholic sin". the very word sin like the word love has been grossly misused. If the act is sinful then God could have decreed parthenogenesis in all human beings too. We could have had more virgin conceptions and births.

    The beastly instinct is what that adds flavour. And all the talk about human sensibilities etc are nonsense.Human beings become senseless where they should not be that is the irony!

    Read the novelette, "Venus In India", published under the pseudonym,Charles Devereaux. The most explosive of all!

  2. Oh my! Whats happening with you? One more strong one.

    "wolf trying to hide in a sheepskin"

    The animal instinct is natural; hiding in a sheepskin is hypocrisy.

    "not by compulsion but by a freedom to choose" - excellent. The so called realization aftermath is bunkum.


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