Friday, July 22, 2011


I feel the wind on ma face, its cold but dusty. My spectacles are being no good, but I actually don't care. I ride happily, there was no actual place to be at a specified time. No family awaits me with dinner, nor there a wife steaming up the dinner in fridge or maybe the bed, no friend waiting with a bottle of beer at a distance, just me, myself and the road.

I didn't turn an orphan, just that relations have progressed, the underlying sense of understanding has grown with the ones I care about. There aren't many, but the few, because they are "MINE" do know about my care and that makes things so much beautiful, our whole relation. It has given me a sense of independence, a sense of bliss from the social etiquette of calling up everyday and checking on mundane stuff like, "had lunch" questions. It has its own charm, never undermining the importance of "had lunch.." calls, but some times the solitude too has its own charm.

As a friend said, I do not care about almost everyone else, their happiness or sadness, not because someone hurt me and I developed it. But rather because, it do not matter at all, both the people and their emotions, to me. None of them are "mine". The experience of bliss feeling the wind on the face, listening to the rhythm the bikes piston composing with the road, that is when I have actually felt at ease. No human expectations, no phone calls required, no informing the latitude required, suddenly the starry nights starts looking all the more decorated, with my thoughts getting a hit from the knowledge that no body had a clue, where exactly I was.

From shore to shore, riding the waves, I feel I might be touching a lot many lands.  Why would the driftwood ever want to be made into a furniture and settle in the drawing room of a house, when it can ride the waves and see all around? It never would want to be a furniture,  riding the waves is when its at its melancholy best. The next 30 odd more years, why would I ever want to settle down with one profession, one city, one wife and maybe one kid? While I could choose to have 30 women, 30 professions, 30 cities.. haa haa that would be a heck of 30 years to live ;)


  1. Greedy!!

    :-) If you can live the way you think; that itself is a great achievement.

    All the best :)

  2. I would agree with you only on one point - 30 women! WOW! :-D

  3. Mr Oshu, with one woman I know , many will also vouch what it is. Your ambitious project is not greed but passport to disaster. Come back Come back!!!!


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