Thursday, July 7, 2011

in the arms of a WOMAN, my BASHERT

The Symposium by Plato, where Aristophanes describes how Zeus felt jealous of the human perfection with four arms and four legs, splitting them into half as man and woman, many a time in life has made me wonder whether there really exist some truth in it. The myth goes on to explain the necessity men and woman has to feel as one, which becomes true in copulation and the human souls craving to feel complete, to feel alive. The bliss of the union, is something much beyond words to describe, to be experienced and comprehend. I have had my moments of bliss, kissing the first time, feeling a feminine form beating against my chest and even with the slightest touch of the finger tip with the half that went missing, if the Greek myth is to be believed.

The softness of a girl, how much ever compelling and refreshing it might be do not interest me any longer. I have felt like a teacher many a time, I have found myself in the company of a girl, trying to understand the young softness and shape the relation based on the understanding. Not all relation ends up in copulation, there is a happiness in preaching about life to an innocent softness, which many a time had taken me to the heights of metaphysical orgasms, if ever there be one. The softness scares me, I am scared for the softness being charred by me and it has always made me sure, I keep my hands to myself, even if things gets steamy at the heat of the moment. Being selfish from the heart, I do not prefer the extra burden of caring for the needs of a soft young girl.

I seek for the roughness of the woman, the hard muscles of her limbs and heart will know to take care of herself. She would know to protect her interests and her blood would never be shed. The grasping mind of the woman, experienced in the bitter and sweet of life, the veteran gray cells, which has been  through the ups and downs in life, excites me than anything I can imagine. I know, every single cell of me can be myself, the arrogant selfish person, enjoy the bliss in copulation or of mating of the intellect. I can be sure of the waters I tread on and can feel confident about the wing-man watching the flanks. I can see myself in the hard woman, experienced and traveled through the valleys and peaks in life, there is a definiteness in the woman eyes, she is sure of herself, her physique, her intelligence and her soul. I would love to lie in the arms of the woman and understand the completeness she brings to me, rather than ever be a teacher again.

I want to get on top of the water tank of my flat, sit with legs dangling down, sipping spirit and rejoice in the copulation of the spirits, the golden colored one I love to drink and the spirit inside me, which I might be able to identify in the woman sitting by my side, with legs dangling down. Oh, how I wish to be in the arms of the woman and not a girl, realize the half beating against me and rejoice in the mating of the intellect, in the copulation of the spirit. I am a Jew, a shrewd one at that, who knows in the deepest corners of my mind that my Bashert is a woman and not ever a form of softness called a girl.


  1. ur writing is reaching new levels of excellence. keep on writing...

  2. A very strong one this is. I must also add that this post is one of its kind, one of your best.

    A girl seeks care, concern, protection from a man. You would find such girls aplenty.

    But its really tough to find that rough woman Ousu. They might not reveal themselves out; for such types are not wanted by many; for such types make the man insecure, for such types would be considered abnormal.

    You seem to be of the kind who has realized the truth pretty early in life :)

  3. the perfection that bought on this existence, the perfect fit that made zeus immaterial, the union that is the essence of god! to have that in life, that which makes poetry flow, that which makes golden the sweat drops that ooze .....oh zeus, if only you knew!!! ....the separation you brought about in your haste has only made life more vibrant for the search of this union makes the final union so much more impatient and far more hungry than if you had let us be... oh zeaus, I thank you for your boon, cos it makes my skin throb with anticipation for the inevitable, and the green envy in your eyes when you know that you made my life livelier

  4. Shyama - It feels great when people comment on my favorite hobby and tell me that I am actually improving on it :)

    Insignia - The hard rough woman, that is one rare person to find when all that feminine forms try is to appear as soft as the man likes. I do agree, that many takes on the soft girl shapes to make an impression with the man she is or maybe not to scare him. But then, the man too is scared Insignia, from revealing the lines of toil on his hands and showing the roughness that life has made him. Alas, only if people understood that they are perfect they way they are, we would have more women and men, instead of boys and girls.

    My realization of the need for a hard woman, I understood all the more in depth after I met a woman, who never had to pretend she was a girl. The feelings she arouse in me, to make that perfect union of intelligence, that is what prompted me to write this.

    Ranjana - Now I see a woman in you. Not a girl, but the woman, who has lived life rather than survive. Who thanks Zeus for the separation and the bliss that it has brought to human existence in the search for the other half that makes life complete. The feeling of being alive and the craving to be complete. This is the woman I been trying to describe, who understands life or try comprehend the secrets with a smile, tenaciously and tirelessly..:)

  5. A very different read from a man ! I loved this one.On the emotional front,most of the mallu men,however feministic approach one possess in public,would love to be in the company of a so called less-substance,paavam (good for nothing is my version)and kinda 'innocent' (at least pretend to be) girls.And being the teacher or master makes them and assures them as a 'man'.And on an intellectual perspective,I have always noticed 90 % of men keep away from women of substance.I mean romantically.They may consider us as buddies,I mean the real ones since I was totally into political and hi funda discussions much than the usual light talk.Being a woman means being rubbish it seems many have such a prejudice.happy that the time have changed.From whatever I have seen in life,I really and honestly am proud that a man could write this..

    Btw,first time here..

  6. I dedicate this post to you, in reverence for your search for a woman and not a girl....

  7. The comments that already reached for this post tells the whole story.
    I would also call the Post,"In search of THE Woman"!

    A world that is conditioned by "Missionary" elements in all matters relating to man-woman relationship can only have men who are only happy with "girls" and women who are content to be "girls".
    Enfeebled in mind is the sine qua non of the stereotyped woman that men like.

    Tell me when you find"The Woman".

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  9. Son, son, son, sonny boy!

    You want answers?!

    You can't handle ‘the Women’!
    Son, you live in a world of parties, pubs and nihilist philosophies built of the confidence of the steady flow of income, and those walls of that world has to be adorned by those soft girls with their softness craving to be charred by you. And who’s gonna bear ‘the Woman’? You? You, Joseph Sebastian?

    You are more whiney a kid than you can possibly fathom! You weep for “the woman” now and you curse the soft girl. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing how it is to be with a woman: that the 'soft girl’ getting charred by you, while tragic, probably saved your confidence. And the existence of a girl, while fragile and incomprehensible to you, has saved your confidence!

    You don't want the truth, because deep down in places you talk about at parties, you want those soft girls around!

    People use words like "relationship", "marriage", "love". People use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline!

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very confidence that silly starry eyed girls provide, and then questions the manner in which they provide it!

    I would rather you just said "Thank you," to them and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a woman, and marry her. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to!

  10. Melangne - Glad that I have a new reader :)

    But can't we say that men are failing to grow up from being boys also because the woman too fancies the romantic soft boy. Which prompts many a man to be like boys, just like the woman who never grow up from girls or at least pretend they haven't. It is a mutual thing, the ying and yang as blogger friend put in, the union, which is so very perfect in even the man and woman's imperfections in our thought process.

    On the woman being equals to man front, I am not sure about place of members of fairer sex the in the society, people preach but never practice. I say woman should have the same freedom to choose to do everything that I do. Now I am not sure whether that will go well with the woman sorority. And I am glad that I have come across some people in my life, who believes in the same :)

  11. Anil - It was also the search of the man from the boy inside. The "missionary elements" are what makes relations a compromise or a compulsion, that is what always I felt.

  12. Ranjana - Thanks for the post. I am always glad, if I could make someone think. Your post was like the icing on the caking, after getting to know, I made these many people think :)

  13. Mukku / Sreekumar - haa ma lawyer brother, truly delivered, Jack Nicholson style, you indeed belong to the class of 'few good men' :)

  14. :)
    Thangyu, Thangyu...
    Ever since the Navy days, I was dying to deliver it somewhere...
    Lemme finish...

    ''Your goddamn right I ordered code red...''

    : )

  15. Thangyu, thangyu...

    Was dying to deliver it somewhere since the old navy days...

    Lemme Finish it,

    "you'r goddamn right I ordered code red"


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