Saturday, July 2, 2011


I had a talk with a friend, whom I became familiar through the world of blogs about what we like in each others blog. What glues me to her blog, and Mr. B's, and Anil's and Insignia's (to name few blogs I frequent) is not what this post is about. Rather, her revelation of what she finds interesting in what I write, the nakedness, set of my thought process hunting for an answer, why are things bare and naked in what I write. Why do I write about myself, very honestly, causing a little embarrassment to some zealously religious people in my family, and giving every reason for the law enforcement agencies  to keep a lookout for me and risking being fired by the HR department of the corporate giant I slog for?

Mine is not a crusade against culture, tradition or society. It is true, I don't place any three on top of my list, but things I do and then I write about are in not aimed against them. What I write often reflects a nude picture of what the events looked like through my eyes and I know, no other form of writing. I feel, the nakedness in what I write is actually portraying a naked picture of me. As the profile picture stands and the latest reebok advertisement caption reads, "I am what I am".

I am a selfish, arrogantly proud individual, portraying to the world that for all your moneys worth, you are not going to change me. I am not ashamed of the life I have led nor I regret the mistakes I did. I have apologized for my mistakes, but I haven't regretted. My mistakes taught me more than my rights, I feel. I stand naked in what I write because, that makes me less vulnerable. A secret is no secret, which the whole world knows, simple as that. I am probing people to respond back, give me their take on things I am actually doing, not really to change what I am doing, but to understand people better and understand how many react to particular things.

This is just an introspective note about my blog and why I write the way I do. Thanks to some amazing individuals I met in this world of blogs, perspectives are so many for a single thing, making me reason and helping me in my search for my share of nirvana.


  1. The first time I stumbled on your blog, I should be honest to tell you that I was shocked. Your bare-all attitude, the honesty at what you wrote.

    You know there are very very few people who could speak their mind out without actually worrying about what people would conclude about himself.

    It requires magnanimous honest and guts to be able to do that. You have it and thats what draws those few people who have mentioned.

    Balan and Anil are two bloggers who I have immense respect for their honesty in speaking their mind out.

    Continue your quest :) and thank you for including me in the league along with B and Anil. I learn a lot from them. I am honored.

  2. I am honored, Ousu! I remember writing to Insignia sometime ago that I have discovered this particular blog of one 'Ousu' and recommended it to her.

    I am a lazy bum. It is easier to be honest than dishonest. No complications, you see!

    In this vast ocean of blogs, we came across each other. There are bound to be many more kindred souls out there, which is a relieving thought...

  3. I have not known until now, some one slapping me in the face with a compliment. Humbled I'm !
    I do enjoy, admire your thoughts.


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