Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reminiscence on a Sunday Evening

The glass fell down from my hand and the mobile rang at the same time. It was my acquaintance from office, checking on me, now that my flat mate is on a vacation. Probably wanted to know, whether I was any good to be dragged out for dinner or maybe couple more of drinks. Me alone in my flat on a Sunday with vodka stored in kitchen was a bad combination and loads of people knew it. The sound of the glass shattering had made me remember a Sunday from my childhood. So the time I tried mumble something back over the phone, I was actually thinking about Sundays when, it was truly the sabbath, the way Appa wants it. I doubt the acquaintance who called will bother call again as she said. Probably must have thought I am drunk already, then that is better for me as well. I want today to be a sabbath, the day of the lord.

After the church, catechism and every other catholic practice to be followed on a Sunday, me and my sisters used to be glued to the tv. The lunch was always late, because Amma believed in making the Sunday lunches special and that made her work in the kitchen never get over. We would have umpteen number of dishes and five hungry people to eat. No wonder I crib even now, every Sunday precisely during lunch. Then the siesta and the movie. Close to about the time the movie starts, we would have a guest, a much welcomed one always, a friends or a relatives family who would come to our place, then the movie gets watched amidst talks, coffee, snacks and which on most days climaxes only after the dinner, with the young kids after having fallen asleep. On the Sundays, no one came, we would be the visitors, but the family unions almost always happened invariably.

The friends on Sunday, never bothered to call before they came. They came un-announced, but were almost always welcome. There were no fears of unfamiliarity, you knew you were welcome. The confidence the feeling brings in to a man's heart, I feel I lack these days. There no longer are any unannounced friends coming, almost every one calls before coming, and a lot of them actually call on the mobile standing outside the front door, instead of using the calling bell. Even I do it, at most times. I find it more convenient, I find it more sensible, or is it in truth the feeling of un-surety that is the curse of me and my contemporary generation?

I find my acquaintances doing it with their people, almost everyone doing it with everyone else. No one goes over un-announced, there actually doesn't exist these old family unions which showed the kids a lot about human goodness and bonding and trust and hospitality. People are no longer welcome in my life and not just mine, no ones life. I say it as my space, I respect it and am a vibrant vocalist of it, we even have a legislation to be enacted for it. A question which is still troubling me, all this about 'space' and is it actually the lack of trust humans have in their own importance to others?


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  2. Ha! For this world an unannounced visitor is either a burglar, a serial killer, a rapist, a child molester, a recovery goon from the credit card company, an alms/donation seeker, a door to door salesman, a psycho, a vampire, a poltergeist or an animal escaped from a zoo. So better get over that nostalgia and keep the door shut.

  3. First thing first.

    The picture in the post is quite misleading. According to MelBrooke's( History of the World - Part I), it was fifteen laws or commandments the good Lord gave Mr Moses.And he dropped one tablet and made up the story of ten.

    The space which you mentioned- in the US , it is customary that even parents and children too call one other and fix appointments for going over.
    The choice is ours. Should we make our parents and dear ones wait in their homes for our acceptance of their appointment or sunday get-together request?

    Too much of any culture may be awkward err?

  4. hehheee...u r getting too sentimental about the things you are used too... imagine a life where u wait for some one visiting you unannounced all the time....u wud have no control of over you life....a respectable distance breeds for very mature relations, especially between family members. dont loose you heart over having to make appointments, they are a good way to show u respect some one else's and you own time


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