Sunday, July 3, 2011


Ever since crossing the age of 25, I have felt my hairs have turned gray, my own feeble reason though. Every new day since then, it has been a blessing, if nothing else. The time near the old phone, in the front room of our small house in Shoranur, I remember it so very fresh. Ramya, would call me up and I wanted to be there to pick up on the 3rd ring. I was just 11 back then and ours a relation of childhood's fondness. I longed for that phone call always and it made sure, I was home from the ground before it gets too dark. We would talk about school, not the people, but the subjects taught. We still were not stained, to have been talking about people.

It is when, you talk about people, you take sides, you feel involved, your personal thoughts always had an influence. When, it was about things, it was all about beauty about a thing or the sheer ugliness of it. The innocence made us hide our relation in front of the other students in class. We talked, but never mentioned about the times she rang on 0492 23678, that was the number back then. I mean the innocence because, if we weren't, we wouldn't have believed all that we saw on doordarshan and behaved like juveniles, hiding things from everyone. The tv showed, relation between a boy and a girl as something, which brought in fights in a family and the innocence bought it without a question.

We grew older, times flew by, talked about this first fascination in a member of the fairer sex to a lot of the other fascinations that followed in my life. The charm was missing, there were no more getting back from the ground, just for a phone call. Things were less interesting, it was a habit rather than a bliss. And I so very grew sick of the habit, I kicked it. The lesser hair that is standing on my head, the charm in romances been climbing down.

Intelligence becomes the turn on and you wouldn't require anything more. Plain intelligent conversations from about the moon and everything under the stars. The high of the whiskey stays in the background, because human intelligence and its beauty, so gripping a myth, I feel at awe talking to some phenomenons. I am all over a teenager again, eager for the phone to ring, wanting to run and pick it. Get going on a conversation about things, their beauty and ugliness, rather than people and their vanity.


  1. I'd have sold my soul to the devil for that call in those days. Lucky bastard!

    And all this while I was busy offering live chicken to the spirits for one glance from her...

    Anyway, you really dug out some buried stuff. Nothing has the same charm nowadays. Absurd infatuations had a flavour that practical romances of these mature years tragically lack.

    By the way, I too found a couple of greys and they scared the wits out of me.

  2. Ha ha!! This one looks good. The whole school was after her, and they still haven't stopped running. After 15 years. (Based on Joseph's "11 year old" statement)

  3. "Living next door to Alice"?
    Twenty five years , and you wont get them back- twenty five years of living next door to Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wonder what Sudeep would have to say? ;)


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