Friday, August 5, 2011

frozen moments

I started from my apartment to office almost minutes after the rooster announced the arrival of dawn to the world. I find it amazing that, in the concrete jungle I am living, there still exists a rooster and it fancies the announcement. Then, apart from me and the rooster, I knew the entire concrete around me was asleep and I felt weary about waking it. Started out in the drizzle on my bike and the rain drops took away the leftover sleep, that the shower couldn't wipe out. My old bike croaked under me in protest at the speed I was going, but then neither me nor my three week old infected sinus was enjoying the drizzle and the speedometer read a 90. It was the full throttle and there was no more up to go though I would have preferred to, knowing for sure that on the wet road with the treadles back tire, I was inviting trouble, as the mallus call it, on the way to make a 'PADAVAN'.

Turning a corner, on a very acute angle with the road, I see this car dead in the middle of the road; I knew I was headed straight on to it, unless I step on the brake, trying to get the bike back on to a perpendicular position, all at the same time and risking a fall. The brain screamed, "the fall is definitely safer than crashing on to the car". I braked, tilting the bike a little back to a straighter position, the back tire gave out; skidding on the wet tarmac, making a trail like a snake. Everything went blank, two seconds when, the hands of time froze and made it seem like an eternity. I had a flash of Appa and then things started back on with the normal pace. The bike didn't fall and the grip-less back tire held it good when it mattered. The blankness left, like a curtain have been lifted, but leaving my heart pounding very slower than I have ever felt.


  1. Fitting title for the post. It will remain locked in your memory for times to come

  2. 90 kmph in a city on a bike? RE? You really asked for that, Ousu! I am an old timer, veteran of a few falls and bone-breaks, so believe me, speeding is a one-way ticket. Pl don't go for such cheap thrills, do it on a Highway if you want.

  3. You were foolish , was unfair and cruel to your 'Appa'

  4. u met with an accident?waaaaaaaaat?
    u din tell me bob and please be careful rain or no rain.....


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