Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Equality !!

Equality, the one thing every one talks about. The son to father, the wife to husband, the convict to the girl who got raped, and in all other spheres and lattices of human existence, we crib about equality. I find no pleasure in a world where everything is equal, the respect, the wealth, the cars, the food...to even responsibility. The only image of a city when men supposedly had equal wealth is of Communist Russia and the Big Brother listening, with the Secretariat and the PB living like kings in the land of equal though. I absolutely feel despise towards such an existence, where my neighbor has the same shaped house I live in, drives around in the same kind of car I drive about, goes for holidays to the same places I go, and invariably have the same menu for dinner!! 

Before God, I do not fathom a notion that all men are equals, the Bible says about the heaven and hell and purgatorial. So does every other religion, about the men who obeyed the commandments and the ones who failed to, the rewards to be reaped and the stones to be collected. If the world of dead, from all the wisdom in all the religions, couldn't create equality 'down there' or 'up there' as one would want to call it, I find no reason to believe he envisaged men equals.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson from Uncle Sams land, "all men are created equals". I got lost in my research to find out what truly Mr. Jefferson meant with those exact words. The best and easiest one I followed was by Harper Lee in his "To Kill a Mocking Bird". He talks about Jeffersons equality through the words of Atticus, the protagonists father, a lawyer by profession and a very noble one at that. Defending a negro who is alleged to have raped a white girl, back in the 1930's with the coloured segregation still very much in existence, he goes quite brilliant and describes to a jury, "some people are smarter than others, some people have more opportunity because they are born with it, some men make more money than others, some ladies bake better cakes than others...but there is one human institution that makes a pauper the equal of a Rockefeller, the stupid man the equal of an Einstein. The institution Gentlemen is the Court...and in our Courts all men are created equal." Probably equality before the law is all what Mr. Jefferson might have meant, as suggested by Atticus.

Themis is supposedly blind to both the prosecution and defence and 'just' wins the day or maybe she is blind to the 'just' and not the other way round. But then, who am I to say, a tiny weeny infant, who has just started to suckle from her bosom and do not yet comprehend the magnanimity. Mr. Balakrishna Pillai could get a special pardon, while some poor folks who stole copper wire from the electric post, do undergo the full term of imprisonment. Mr. Jayarajan had the money to appeal before the Supreme Court to suspend his sentence and listen to him all over again about the contempt he been charged with, while some poor party worker who committed a murder by mistake following the orders of the Party find his life being wasted within the four walls of a prison cell.

Equality, I fail to fathom a world where there truly existed this innuendo !!


  1. First, let me confess that your style of putting across in letters is excellent. I presume that the said skill reflects in your oratory capabilities too in court.

    Equality, my foot! Who said that? Well I don't remember, but now it is I who assert so.

    Jefferson and the founding fathers of the American constitution may not have commented on the usurpation his forefathers did in the land of the natives.May be they did and the guilt and remorse opened their conscience to frame a constitution based on individual rights, freedom and equality.
    The similar sentiments may have reflected on the framers of our piece of law as well.

    But it is one thing as in life with many to proclaim and eulogise a code of conduct and living at the same time transgress blatantly
    Well drafted post.

  2. Excellent writing. To add a point equality amongst equals only. there is no scope for comparison between the one armed man or the able bodied. they are two different species to be dealt with under law. of course we know what the real law does.
    however the only consolation is that equality exists in our conversation and actions with our equals.

  3. Equality, like many other virtues we have created, is a myth, period!


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