Monday, November 21, 2011

graffiti on the loo-walls !!

My ever upset tummy, every time I am away from home have made sure, I have seen a good number of public toilets. In moving trains, dorm rooms, to the crowded bazaars in old Delhi. At the worst of places and, boy some  nightmares, I always wanted to forget. The graffiti on the wall, I have always seen, but never really bothered. Train toilets were the ones, wherein I found the most illustrative ones, or maybe I had more time to check out, the time I did my act of dispensing every morning, on my overnight journeys.

porn sketches, miserable scribblings and more than once messages spreading the word of God too. I aint kidding, I have read "Praise Jesus and I love Jesus", scribbled over some porn drawing in more than one toilets around. I am sorry, I shouldn't be surprised, because I live in a land, where writing on everything that they get their hands to, is the ideal way of being a little illustrative of the emotion.

I wouldn't want to be an hypocrite. I have done it myself once. In a train's loo, and I was in 11th standard. It was a challenge, a friend dared me and another friend to do, we did it. I wrote some lines from the ticklish pages in Harold Robbins, made into my way of talking. And my friend, wrote a rhyme, like lines similar to some of the songs 'Eminem' sings. It was an act of cockiness of the teenage, for a challenge and there was no pleasure in the act of writing, but the thing we were to win. I do not regret, but do think about it as stupid to have done, for a silly challenge.

The biggest of surprises I had, after my share of 18 months in the corporate marbled world and its shinier stink free loo, did wait for me. The walls of the loos in The High Court at Ernakulam. Boy some very good artists do exist, and I don't believe the litigant world would ever have the heart to do it. Maybe some of my fellow lawyers or maybe the staffs in the Court. But yeah, they do adorn the walls. The higher you go, the sketches grow scarce. There exists a healthy war between, the artist and the zestful social fighter. 

Some other photos I took on my phone, would probably get me arrested for my admission in the blog, for putting up pornography and contempt, all in one go. I am in no mood to get behind the bars, after getting to see the loos over this side :) But then I did want you all to have a share of Mr Artist and Mr Dump.


  1. The artistic (sic)impression on your post is a lesser content when compared to the ones that are actually found in these great public places you mentioned.

  2. Oh oh! fret not!! There are worse ones than what you mentioned.

    I fail to fathom if its the desperation or lack of understanding of one's self.

    Sleazy, cheap and ghastly. I dread the public toilets for this one reason

  3. Public - toilet.

    Toilet - A plumbing fixture for defecation and urination.

    A place to discharge physical and mental excreta.

    I wrote a poem on train toilet graffiti long ago, but the words of the poem are equally graphic as the graffiti!


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