Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BAR-attender chronicles

After about a month, getting indulged in my practice at the Bar, I am back to the world of blogs. Fever and a very bad tonsil, made sure I don't venture trying to please my new found love today. The tales from practice is something I have been wanting everyday to write, but a list, growing with each day. Themis has me, all to her, something I have been immensely enjoying at the moment. A brand new Audi A8, right next to another brother, the Audi A6, both to get the States seal on its forehead, made me contemplate the intimacy the owners shared with the Goddess of justice, and my long road there. Not to the Audi A8, but to be her most favorite lover, and wouldn't mind the Audi A8 if I would get it as a gift, from her folks Gia and Ouranus. Selfish, greedy me! Guess you could imagine my eyes twinkle and the sign of indian ruppaya on the pupil !

Lawyers I see everyday, wearing the black robe, moving around in circles, from a court room to the next. Some commanding her attention, some bent at the knees and praying for her ear, some laughing their way into her heart and 'just' flows about. Please don't ask me about 'just' being multifaceted, I am clueless just like you. Reading the file of my Seniors, I have realized, there exists a thin line between the prosecution and defense case, which is the shred of truth. They cover it with layers of facts, making the truth submerge in background, while some prefer to interpret the law and its procedure, making the truth irrelevant. But beyond all the grey sketches, there still exists the truth. Who would be the more honest lawyer? The story teller or the interpreter, I am clueless again. One is wise in the ways of the world, while the other is wise about the 'lex'.

Themis has  her own blemishes, she imposes a ban on some acts and then she restores the object received through the act. To cite one everyday occurrence, themis prohibits dowry, for she believes that woman is the wealth, which I find no fault in. But then making a gift of my own property is something which would fall under the ambit of 'right to life', if it be expanded any further. Gifts still gets showered during marriages; from the pauper to the king, everyone is so very generous when it gets to showering the new son-in-law with gifts. Then as the saying goes, "shit happen" and themis helps in restoration of the gift, if there is anything left of the bounty. Dowry takes the guise of gift, themis can't place a ban on the generosity of human kind and then atleast she helps in its restoration, that is all I can fathom, speaking in defense of my new found love.

With all the blemishes, I find her intriguing, with the dark secrets behind punctuation and the art of interpreting her. 


  1. Nice piece Ousu..While reading I was trying to recollect Plato's writings..
    So,finally you are into Themisian magic..Cheers !

  2. Good read. And good to know the enjoyment with the new la affaire themis!

  3. Glad to know that you are in love with someone! :-)


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