Monday, January 16, 2012

God of Small Things !!

Moments glory go fading in the realm of history, passion and sweat go forgotten, forming brass statutes for birds to defecate. The feet that trod on the soft green grass in the Garden of Eden, trod on blood, through the sins of the senses and finally stand as its stands today. The path has lead to the height of skyscrapers, in the form of space ships and every other man made thing inside the atmosphere. But looking back, the voice over the centuries, the voices that lead the torch, like Prometheus from the ancient greek myth, have all met with the one certitude, to which they been walking from the day, the sperm fertilized the egg in the woman’s womb. The vast wide universe, with mysteries hidden behind each layer of green and turning more mystique with each unravelling, sure would hold a key to the one certitude.

From the moment of conception or maybe the time the umbilical cord is broken , if your beliefs make you think of you as a being only then, every moment spend is a moment closer to the certitude, the time when the human flesh goes forming carbon and forming a part of ‘matter’ as the old physics student in me would say. Excellence is remembered, but only with an air of astonishment, filled with contempt, for having brought the fire down from the Gods, some feat the average human like me and you failed to do. Excellence stays always in the background, making things better for human kind at that period, but always in the background. But alas excellence never paved way for a path pass the wall, the certitude in life, death.

In the eyes of an atheist, death is the end of ‘you’, for you cease to exist and would be a part of matter. Now that is a pessimistic thought at its peak! For the optimist, the believer, there is a road farther up ahead. I know that there are two “me’s” inside this flesh. My-self and my body, which makes matter on earth, in this wide vast Universe of ours. I know this because, many a time it is not the real me who acts, but the flesh, because my body finds comfort in it, through the teasing of senses. The ME, believes I do have an existence after the flesh becomes part of earth. Maybe not as ‘ousu’, but definitely as some form, which maybe devoid of all senses, but sure an existence. The religion preaches about what lies in wait for these MEs, mine and yours, after the flesh cease to be identified from matter, maybe heaven and earth or nirvana or a hundred other ways one wants to call it.

The MEs would definitely be enriched by the process of knowing what lies beneath death and we have a second platform. Where the MEs, of all the dead, have the wide vast universe or some other space to assemble or be present, the super power we call the god, the forces of evil, maybe the MEs of animals and beasts. There the knowledge is bigger, the ME would have crossed across the Certitude and grown richer or poorer in wisdom. The big crowd of all the respected folks talked about would have a platform where they might or might not be equals, the chances of the latter far greater than the first. For there should definitely be a reason for having the MEs placed the way they are, while the MEs live inside the flesh.

Maybe the God, we understand now too would become small before some supreme force and the ME of the god would be just a little more wiser than the rest, of knowing about the mysteries of the flesh and the mysteries of the MEs, but definitely a subject to the one Force. With the knowledge about the journey from flesh to ME on the second platform, the ME too stands his equal. The ME too is a God of Small Things. The ME has a command over what he should be doing and he can only be coerced to do otherwise. Excellence is when the flesh tries to abridge the mysteries of things our senses are in contact, to the wisdom of the events on the second platform.

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  1. The fact that the flesh is different from the ME can be agreed upon. How ever the rest of the matter is putative. We do not have evidence to prove that something in us stay about , or survive after the flesh is incinerated or consumed by wiggles.
    In fact reasons point to the fact that once the matter goes back to the soil there can be nothing more.


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