Sunday, January 22, 2012

on a lonely road !!

The heavens opened up unexpectedly last night, with me caught in a friends place, hesitant to get drenched and hesitant to put an end on the conversation we were having. The showers didn't last much long, but the conversation did and I rode home on my bike, at the wee hours of morning, loving the moisture in the air, shivering and yet taking lung full of the 3AM cold air.

The roads were badly lit, which wasn't surprising, considering the pitiful shortage of electricity, that the State is professed to face in the summer. My mind still playing the loop of the conversation, I rode slowly absorbing the changes in the city from the last decade. The single storied houses from fairy tales been on the decline, instead landscaped apartment complexes been on the rise. But driving in the dark, I remembered the reassurance that the dim lights of the independent small houses brought in. Instead, there were lights marking the entrance of the apartments, but a big black shadow over whelming it.

The road wound its way through two christian cemeteries and finally by the corporation crematorium, the shadows of darkness greater than before. I saw the headlights of a scooter farther up-ahead, fumbling and hesitantly moving forward and finally getting to a stand still. I stopped by its side and the riders were a man and his wife. There was a fear on their faces, a fear about me, the barely covered youngster who stopped at their side on a dimly lit, lonely road.

Their fear made me not to appear to pry, and I started of again, not bothering to ask them a thing. And I heard the lady's voice, "how do we get to edappally?". I shouted back slowing down my pace, "take the road on the right, when this road splits to two and when you hit the main road, take the one to the left." I heard the lady shout a thank you and off I went on my ride taking the turn to the left.

A hundred yards up, I catch the headlights of the scooter taking the left, on the mirror, following the road I was on. Maybe they thought it better to trust their instincts than the directions offered by a stranger on a lonely road. I didn't bother warn them, this one lead to no-where, but the rail. Maybe they should learn it the hard way, driving for miles more on the lonely road.


  1. Yes Ousu,the word 'trust' has lost it's meaning.Have to redefine.Like many others.Nice read.

  2. Melange - the word trust have really lost its meaning, for every single one is unsure about whom to trust, once we are out of our trusted optimist trusts people and stands to tend to the pain inflicted..while the pessimist gets reminded over his incapability to trust..


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