Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reminiscence of Valentines Day – an acceptance

Neetha lived for her dream, to spread her wings and soar high, into a considerable amount of wealth, which would buy her comforts and travel. She lived for her dream to a pile of green bills, way taller than her. A huge stack which would give her the little comforts she always required and for the travel she wanted to do till she stayed alive. But, it wasn't that she never bothered about the means, for she was as conscious of the mean as the end.

College was her first step to the dream, though nothing significant was to happen in the four years, it gave her the first step of freedom to start exploring her life. And as God send, beloved Ramu awaited her in College, with his innocent infatuation. "He was a good boy and not a man, maybe I shouldn't have held his hand and cuddled with him", she thought to herself. But then, she couldn't help noticing his efforts in the darkness of the movie hall, leaning close to the arm rest of her chair and the considerable discomfort he was in. She held his hand and leaned close to his chest and he being the gentleman never groped her and that became a habit, once inside a theater.

College initiated her venture into the world of understanding carnal emotions, a little up close and she swung both straight and cross. But then, it lacked the charm of her dream. No, mr Prince charming who came riding on a black stallion, was desired by her, for she loathed to share her dream. She lived wholly for the dream and by the end of college, she knew Ramu was crazily infatuated by her, posing a threat to her precious dream.

She knew deep inside that he wouldn't understand the dream, much less her desire to stay a spinster. He would beg and plead to make him a part, which she couldn't ever afford. Raising a family is his calling and not hers and one she never intended to make hers. The shortest month of the year was on and there was just another month left for her to put an end to all that the crazy block thought about her. He seemed crazy enough to live in her memories, if the infatuation wasn't stopped.

The valentines day was around the corner and she hinted about the surprise she had for him. She knew, this was the best day if there ever be one, for she wanted the day of romance to mend his heart for him. But little did she have a plan or even a clue as to what the surprise was to be. With a heavy clueless heart, she walked to college from the hostel on the morning of Valentines Day. She said a prayer in thanks for every hour, Ramu didn't make any stupid proclamations in the class, in the spirit of the occasion.

Gokul called her moments before the teacher walked in for the last hour, not to propose, but to ask for directions to the cafe near college. He knew it was some where around, but had never been there. He was jobless and no valentine awaited him, so thought better to see his friends perform in the cafe. She gave him the directions and told him to bring a bunch of red roses and propose to her, the time she got to the cafe. She didn't give him reasons, nor did he ask her why. She asked him, whether he could and she heard an affirmative growl from the other side.

Gokul was a friend's friend she had met some weeks back, he seemed intelligent and fun. She sat behind Ramu, holding tight in her fear of not knowing what awaited in the cafe and prayed her loud heart beats weren't felt by him. Not to her surprise the red roses greeted her and a little to her surprise, the band kept playing a corny romantic number staring at her, the time she walked to sit. She turned pink in embarrassment, when she listened to the corny lines through the speakers, proclaiming Gokul's love. "The smart ass not only did everything I asked, but then did it to perfection, without even a question and he does deserve a little gift", she thought the time he walked to her and bowed. She let him kiss her hands and then stood tall and kissed his lips, like a woman deeply in love.

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  1. very-well crafted figure of the girl...and an even better post than the last one. :)


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