Sunday, February 12, 2012

a teacher, who knew her students

I was with my friends the other day, a few of them from college and some still in college talking about glorious old days of studying law. The fun we had and the characters we met. A thing that surprised me was what starling difference the concept of exams, are to us, now speaking couple of years after that. For me and quite a few I know, exams never happened without going through the shortest guide at least once and for a many other, it was indeed a battle, fought against the teachers or maybe more appropriately against the system of examinations. They devised means to defeat the system, exams were never fixed, but they mastered the art to beat it within itself by the oldest trick in the school, copying. All I have the permission to say is that it involved a University law relating to time of entry, the wonder called mobile phone, the micro-settings of xerox. I knew about it, but then didn't ever bother, for they weren't doing me any harm, and the matrix lover in me loved the thought of they beating the system. The blog ain't about my friends nor the tricks of the exam, but about a teacher, who knew her students, a true account of what my friends mr X and mr Y told me the other day.


It was University exams the next day and Mr X had no idea of where to start reading for exam, pun was the subject was huge and crazy and the text books voluminous, forget textbooks the guides too were not less than 200 pages. It was his second go at the subject. To top it, there were some personal commitments to the general cause which required his presence for the entire night. AAhh mr X was a social activist as well. A socially aware young man, with dreams in his eyes, but then maybe committed to the wrong cause, that is what the teacher saw in him. But he always felt she failed him the first time for his choice of cause.

The teacher sees mr X at his place of dharna in the evening, calls him to her side and asks him about the exam. He tells her his dilemma and she asks him to join her and she teaches him all through the evening and tells him the areas to study and not surprisingly to his luck it was the same teacher who had set the questions.

Mr Y was fresh from a shower after a party for the exams. There was surely a consistency in the exams, this one and the one he took for the subject the last time. The questions sure looked alien, he looked around and then up, cursing his stars. He was sweating and he thought about the scene unravel in his traditional house when the news of their son failing the exam crashed in. The first failure was never mentioned and now if the second one occur, he couldn't avoid the inevitable of his father dropping down at college and get a good grip of the other supplementarys and 'what not' an overly pissed teacher had to say.This was his last go and now seems his little efforts in holding his fort stands ruined.  He too had dreams, though like a kids. For his dreams the teacher liked him, she liked his innocence and the boy in him, which dominated. Though he was clueless.

The teacher sees mr Y covered in sweat and peeping into a neighbours answer sheet. She for one knew the neighbors answers were no good, for she was their teacher for some years now. She goes to mr Y and asks him in a stern short voice, "ain't you not ashamed? Whose answers are you peeping into?" then raises her voice a little more and says "Mr Y, go sit beside mr X." Mr Y walks cursing to the side of mr X and finds his answers sheets overflowing. Looks up and falls on the leg infront of the teacher in his mind, offering a prayer in silence, sets of  to his talent in borrowing information from the neighbours answer sheet.

Mr X and Y, both cleared the exam and surprisingly for them mr Y had more marks than X.


  1. I cannot comment . In fact cannot coin a word to comment.

  2. Anil - about the teachers knowledge or the state of affairs of University exams?

  3. Doc Antony - A very cherished art and if I am not wrong, put to much use by many in your medical schools as well, the long 5 years.


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