Saturday, March 10, 2012

morning stroll through a serene postcard !

The wanderer in me found myself right in the middle of lush green tea carpets touching the grey sky, with a chill making my bones grow cold and yet my feet trembling ahead, but with no idea where I was heading; yesterday, in the morning. 8 hours of watching the world pass through the window of the bus, in the darkness of the night, combined with high projectile movements of thy self, that only the back seat of a State Road Transport bus could provide, in some way didn't make me feel right that I actually endured the ordeal only for 10 minutes in a secluded courtroom, to say 8 times when my cases were called, "counter affidavit to the amended claim petition has been served and now filed".

Securing my bags in a lodge, as they call it over there in Waynad, I left for a morning walk at 5 in the morning, alone not knowing where I was headed. My cramped legs wanted the red cells to run again and when they felt enough in an hour, I got into a bus with the board "Soochiparra Water Falls". I haven't heard about the place nor have any clue where it actually is, but then the Water Falls in the name, made it seemed covered in the finest silks. The guy in the bus told me, it takes a little more than half an hour, so I had all the time in the world to do my little adventure before the Bench sat at 11.

I never made it to the waterfalls, for half an hour later a sign board appears named after the waterfall and the road too narrow to lead any other place but the falls. I got down and started on my walk again, back on the main road and along comes another bus with the board "atta mala". The literal translation would be leech ghats, which would normally keep a person away, but not me. I had time till 8 to start back and this new guy in this new bus, told it will be a 30 minute journey to the leech ghat.

The bus had under a dozen travelers, and I watched eagerly as the tea estates started passing by, thought of getting down again, but then wanted to explore what lies in the leech ghat. Women kept getting into the bus, with their basket hung behind and their lunches packed and wrapped in polythene and voices a little too loud, to my tastes.

I turned back to read the board of the bus stop and suddenly felt the bus go nose up, high in the sky and turned to see not the sky, but the tea shrubs up front,and the road never went any more and this was leech ghat. Sitting on the milestone that had zero on it, surrounded by the green and the fog, I wondered where was I? I had no clue, but the place was beautiful, like from a post card and I couldn't resist the urge to makes some few steps on the the picture framed in mind of a tea estate.

The serene green sprawled all around, with the fog curbing the visibility to a few hundred meters and not a man in sight, I offered a prayer of thanks, for the 8 hours I endured on my way to Waynad, was worthy of the few pictures I took using my mobile phone and an half an hours walk through the picturesque postcard. The grey of the heavy fog slowly turning to a golden with the first rays of the sun making dew drops appear on the tiny leaves and little warmth settling in and I wandered aimlessly lost in my thoughts about "what brought me here and where am I"

On my journey back in an hour, the bus was filled with kids, on their way to the school and they kept appearing out of all the corners and the driver gleefully obliging with his legs on the brakes. A little girl sat by my side, with her long hair parted and pleated, with a little extra talc still on her temples, looking at me through the corner of her eye. She was a little dark, not pretty but elegant the way she held on to the tiny aluminium box on her lap, sitting by my side, as if her whole life depended on it and suddenly pointed at my phone and asked me can I show it to her.

What do I show a 3 or 4 year old girl in my phone, the new applications or some pictures I have taken?


  1. That was a day's diary. And quite fine too.

  2. The relaxed pace is infectious. The contrast between the courtroom and the outdoors! It is so difficult to choose in life, isn't it? Like the way I shuttle between the reality of my bank and the dreams of my travel!

  3. That was a good way to start a day, right?
    Btw, I call this place home :) (read my last post on Odds and Ends?)


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