Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kamasutra by Vatsyayana - in the curriculam !!

The book with old yellow pages looked appealing from a distance, the brown leather gave the feel of class from an era all together different. It was on the shelve written "erotica", with a few flashier cousins around, in a crowded book store. "Kamasutra" written in black with golden emboss over the brown leather and giving the viewer a sense of excitement behind its knotted leather. A book describing in graphic language, about the idealist's three quest, artha, dharma and kaama and teaching the reader, some ways to indulge in the act with a difference, making the matrimonial relation stronger. It talks a little about everything, from whom to indulge with, to different modes to do it. Surprisingly, the book talks about the physical relation with ones own wife, the virtue-st and the best.

If books in school are about, imparting knowledge to the next generation, making them wise from the stage of being naive, then, the knowledge about sex, is as much important as any other act. If physics and maths, history and politics, language and art, all find place in the pages of textbooks, then sex too shouldn't be left behind. Sexual education in schools shouldn't be about the virtue of not doing the act or the rough outlines like, wife and husband copulate, men leaves his sperm inside the woman. The sperm fuses with the ovum and a kid gets born. It could be best said to a child entering into teenage, while explaining the differences that is going to happen in his/her body, not to a teenager midway through the teenage.

He should be taught how it is done and to be considerate; he should be taught, that ones climax is no climax unless his partner reaches there as well. He ought to know the act, at least as a paper of theory and decide what to do for himself, to wait for matrimony or enjoy the ride at the pre-marital stage itself. Kamasutra as part of the syllabus in the eleventh standard would teach a midway teenager, a lot about the act, its charm and its curse from a social perspective.

The title evokes a feeling of hypocritical repulsion in most middle aged folks, who has a kid about teenage or ripening into adulthood. They are hypocrites, because their faces contract with the title, but they themselves indulged in the act once up on a time or maybe even the last night and being the hypocrite wouldn't want their children capable of reproducing, read a book on it. But in this age, with every teenager with means, having access to hardware and internet, wouldn't the parents like them to know about the act from a book than what strangers have left in the web.

Getting to know how it is done, is inevitable and I seriously doubt there been one woman or man who got married in the last one year, without knowing how it is done. Maybe some might have watched porn, maybe asked a friend or the mother gave a lecture, but inevitably, almost everyone knew and the knowledge is so very little and incomplete. The pattern usually is for the lady to stare at the fan, and then the male shares the honor in staring the fan, repeating the scenes with the fan over and over again, year after year.

None could blame me if I say, the reason behind infidelity among married couples is the lack of charm in sex. The average statistics of women who had an orgasm in real with the husband, keeps hovering about a 50 percent all the time in those weird surveys that magazines like Cosmopolitan keeps publishing. Surprisingly men have not been lacking in this regard to the best of everyone's knowledge. Considering the fact that men are usually more quicker to have an orgasm than women, there actually lies no surprise that men do catch a share of fun, even if the wife doesn't. The act is so sensuous to be dealt callously, it sure is the reason behind creation from nothing, of a life. It should be cherished by both the members and not considered insignificant, for the act with the right person is one of the most beautiful feelings a man / woman could ever feel.

Kamasutra is no erotic literature, it tells one how to make love or rather widen the options in doing it and gives a forth of morality in the goodness of making love to ones wife. People have so wrong a misconception about the book and its goodness, and should either read the pdf version linked in the beginning or check this from the flipkart. Maybe a few pages about kissing or about pleasing the other, could rekindle ones relation with his/her wife / husband and bring forth a new season of spring.


The row about syllabus, about including 'whom' and excluding 'whom else' from the textbooks which gets distributed to tomorrows citizens, or rather nation builders, speaking in the spirit of a nation. There been many a debate about Marx and Engels losing their place, from the text books from Calcutta. Then one gets to wonder, even if they are removed from the history texts, wouldn't Marx and Engels find appearance in the political science and economics text books? Or will they get removed from all the places they have marked, the places they have left a dent and made a difference, in a good way or bad.


  1. The reverence( sic) with which the subject is treated albeit with fidgeting innocence and hypocrisy is evident from the fact that there has been no comments in this post. ( Partially also because you are not a reciprocating and faithful Blogger).

    As for the theories of Marx ( I have not read the Das Kapital) and the philosophy of Communism,. the matter is that the concept runs contrary to human nature of freedom to possess , own and enjoy benefits of one's toil.It may have served its purpose and still can in distinct societies.

    However even the ardent communist would sneak into the kamasuthra , if he could. Because biological necessities are more prominent and irresistible than the aura and hope that communism offers.

  2. yea.. its better to read kamasutra that watch the glorified fantasies in pornography which can mislead people. Sex still in india has an obscure outlook, as in we don't talk about it openly. And it only makes it a blown up subject. To see it as just a part of our lives, perhaps, like u said we need a better sex education program. So bring on, Kamasutra to the classes!Btw, where do I get a pdf file of the text? :)

  3. now you know why i seem to attract so many married/ in relation men!


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