Monday, April 15, 2013

Is that all I am to you woman ?

I cry out your name, you don't hear me.
I shout your name with the last lungful, 
You brush the fallen hair off your forehead.
Is that all I am to you woman?
Unruly hair which slipped down on your graceful forehead?

I look at you with longing eyes, you look everywhere but at me.
I long for the day, when our gazes meet.
My silhouette is just a speck you avoid on your lens.
Is that all I am to you woman?
a speck on your lens that you always avoid?

I touched your fingers in the crowded street,
believing you would identify the fire, your thoughts kindled in me.
You turned around and gave alms to the urchins with a kiss.
Is that all I am to you woman?
a street urchin begging for your love as alms?

Alas, I wish!
I could be all that.
The fallen hair, the dot on the lens,
the street urchin you gave alms with a kiss.
I realize I am the least blessed; coz for you
I am just a stranger you walked by today in the crowd!

Picture Courtesy: Saramma Panicker, (a friend who drew the pencil sketch and posted it in her fb account and I felt shameless enough to use it without telling her. So thought about keeping this note for her )

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